MADCC members actively support and compete in marathon racing in the regional Hasler series and other races, such as the Weaver descent, Conwy ascent, Avon descent, and Liffey descent, with some members also competing at the Nottingham sprint regattas. The club has a small fleet of modern K1 and K2 race boats suitable for beginners to intermediate paddlers, and Lightning kayaks for junior paddlers.

North West Hasler Racing

Macclesfield Adelphi Hasler Race - Sunday 7th April 2019

The MADCC NW Hasler race will take place on the Macclesfield canal, Adelphi Mill, Bollington, Cheshire, on Sunday 7th April 2019.

Check-in 09.30 to 10.30.

Clubs in the NW region (Macclesfield, Chester, Duddon, Runcorn, Trentham) each host divisional races each year. Paddlers typically start their racing careers in division 9 and as they improve get promoted to higher divisions - division 1 paddlers are often national team standard. Divisions 7,8,9 race over a 4-mile distance, 4,5,6 over 8 miles, and 1,2,3 over a 12 mile course. Race venues vary from rivers and canals to large lakes. The top 2 clubs in the NW qualify to compete at the National Club Championships (The Hasler Finals) - an event that attracts around 600 paddlers!

Other Racing Events

MADCC has organised and competed in the 96 mile Cheshire Ring Race since it was started in the 1970s (the 2019 event will take place over the weekend of the 6th/7th July). Club members also enter other annual challenge events such as the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster race, the Avon Descent, Windermere solstice race,and the Liffey Descent in Ireland.

We hold a regular Hare and Hounds race, usually on the second Sunday morning of each winter month and the second Thursday evening of summer months  - dates are on the club calendar with any last minute changes notified on the club forum. 

The Hare & Hounds is a four mile race over 2 laps, with competitors starting off at different times depending on their current handicap time - the fastest paddlers have the biggest handicaps so have to work hard to chase down the early starters.  This results in competitive racing with all boats finishing within a short period. Points gained in the races count towards annual trophies for the best paddler and for the best time improvement. The H&H is open to all (not just MADCC members)  - as it is a handicap race any standard of paddler can compete.

Introduction to Kayak Marathon Racing