Entry Information

2017 Race Date: 24th-25th June

Entry fees for 2017 will remain at £18.00 per person. Note that in line with Canoe England policies, there is an additional charge of £5.00 per person for non-members of British Canoeing for event insurance. Junior members of clubs affiliated to British Canoeing (or other affiliated associations) are automatically covered for insurance purposes. Members of British Canoeing (or other affiliated associations) will need to show proof of their current membership at check-in.

C1 or K1 all the way, C2 or K2 all the way, C1 or K1 relay (2 to 5 person), C2 or K2 relay (4 to 10 person), K2 or Double Tourer ten person relay (adult plus junior pairs). Other reasonable forms of relay can be accommodated subject to the prior agreement of the organiser.

Traditionally the major relay class is the double kayak ten person team - made up of five pairs, each with a senior plus a junior. Note that from 2015 onwards senior women cannot be counted as juniors in either the K2 or Tourer classes.

If your club/organisation wishes to enter a class but does not have enough paddlers to make up a full team, please contact the organiser who may be able to link you to other paddlers who are looking for team members.


Details about entering the event and other important documents containing information about the course for paddlers and supporters are on the Race Documents tab.

The secure online entry system will open on or around 1st April 2017.
Entries received after 10th June 2017 will be charged at £23 per seat.

Entries cannot be accepted after 17th June 2017.

Entries can be cancelled, through the on-line entry system, up to three weeks before the race. Entry fees will then be refunded, less an administration fee of 6%.

Some changes such as contact details etc. can be made online through the entry system by the competitor.

For changes in details of the paddlers please contact the MADCC Entries Administrator. Transfer of entries to another competitor or team will be allowed up to three weeks before the race. Changes in the number of paddlers in a relay team will be allowed up to one week before the race (through the MADCC Entry Administrator) – but no refunds will be made for a reduction in paddler numbers in the last three weeks and any increase in paddler numbers will be charged at the rate applying on the date of notification.


At the Miners Arms public house, Wood Lane North, Adlington, Macclesfield, SK10 4PF., Close to Bridge 18 on the Macclesfield canal.
Report to the organiser and canoe scrutineer (Refer to Rules: 3d, e 4,a c, & 5)


Start Windows:
8.00am - 10.00am

10.00am - 12.00noon

Other start times may be permitted by prior arrangement with the race organiser.


Information about how competitors and their support crew can communicate with the race officials during the race will be provided at the briefing. During the race please report your number and provide information to the race officials on request.


Perpetual trophies and certificates will be presented at the MADCC Adelphi Hasler marathon race on 9th July 2017.

Trophies and certificates will be posted to paddlers who cannot attend in person.


We look forward to meeting you on the day; in the meantime if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to email the Cheshire Ring Race Organiser

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